The total is here: Riviera Beach increased revenue by 4 times this Memorial Day weekend, compared to 2021 | Local News

Riviera Beach’s revenue during this year’s Memorial Day weekend was about four times that of Memorial Day weekend 2021.

Lake Geneva Harbor Captain Steve Russell said beach revenue for Memorial Day weekend, May 28-30, was about $31,533.

Last year’s Memorial Day weekend, it was around $8,325.

“So that’s about four times the amount of vacation income,” he said.

Russell presented revenue figures for the beach’s first seven days of operation on June 14 at the City Council’s Jetties, Harbors and Lakeside Committee meeting.

The total beach income from May 28 to June 7 was approximately $35,128.

Approximately $30,012 of revenue was received through credit or debit card payments. Cash through the Viply app accounted for $5,101 of revenue. About $14.50 in revenue came from coins.

Russell said there were two days the beach had no revenue due to bad weather, and there were four days the beach was unattended due to no lifeguards or beach attendants on duty in because of their school hours.

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Boat launch revenue from early May through June 6 was approximately $2,355, not including season passes. Revenue from the boat launch season pass was approximately $6,462.

“Revenues aren’t great,” Russell said. “Season passes are down this year.”

Boat launch revenue when an attendant was around was around $1,512, and revenue when people had to pay using the honor system – putting money in an envelope and in a drop box when an attendant was not present – were approximately $843.

“To me, that means when people get started during the honor system, a lot of people don’t respect the envelope in the dropbox pay system,” Russell said.

Because of this, Russell is considering allowing people to pay their launch fees only with a credit or debit card.

“If you don’t have a credit card receipt on your vehicle, you’re going to get a ticket,” Russell said.

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