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Episode 208, released September 8, 2022, features an interview with the Executive Vice President of Racing and Sports Betting Operations at SuperBook Sports Jay Kornegaywho walks into this NFL season with name and face attached to American bets Column “Ask a bookmaker”. Just before the Buffalo Bills’ Thursday night punch against the defending champion LA Rams, Kornegay spoke about the popularity of Josh Allen and company with bettors this offseason.

“The ticket boss [at SuperBook] …are the bills,” said the well-respected bookie. “They are… the leader in ticket count. We have a responsibility attached to them. But the story this year, especially in Nevada…the Raiders are up there with the Bills, Bucs, Chiefs in terms of ticket count. It’s amazing how many people are supporting the Raiders this year. »

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Kornegay’s Money Quotes

Kornegay found himself in some industry headlines in March after several clients placed large futures bets on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just before Tom Brady announced his non-retirement, and he clarified his position on Play on. “I never said I wanted to cancel the tickets, or I was crying foul. I just said, someone knew something,” Kornegay said. Then he got to the heart of the matter: “Yeah , we’re rooting against the Buccaneers! We don’t want the Buccaneers!

Kornegay on the SuperBook deciding to spread the prize further than ever in this season’s handicapping SuperContest rather than go for a huge first prize: “I’m just talking to a lot of contestants, a lot of our customers, not just in Nevada but in other other jurisdictions, on what they liked and what they didn’t like…we offered more prices during the season. … This year we have 11 in-season awards with the overall champion. So in these in-season awards, we have two nine-week contests, we have three six-week contests, and six three-week contests. … If you have three hot weeks, you can enter it.

Kornegay on how amateurs draw live in the SuperContest, in a field run by professionals: “Anyone can win it. You have a lot of average Joes up there who have been the champions, especially in recent years. …I still think it’s a game of skill here. [But] everyone needs a little luck.

Hike betting

  • Podcast hosts Eric Raskin and John Brennan analyzed the annual publication of NFL betting projections by the American Gaming Association, which included a drop in the number of people using unlicensed bookmakers. Raskin asked Brennan if he thought old-school bookmakers would soon become an endangered species. “It’s a simple fact that many hardcore gamblers will never leave their local bookmaker, like we had in my old neighborhood, for two reasons,” Brennan replied. “The first is that you can bet on credit, and by that I mean you don’t even need a credit card. The bookie literally knows where you live. The other is that when that 10-team bet finally comes around, after many years, and the profit is in the thousands of dollars, no one tells the IRS IRS about it. I would say bookmakers are about as much at risk as fake online betting vendors – that is, not so much.
  • What will the handful numbers look like in New York as the state enters its first full football season? Raskin predicted that the Empire State would see a $2 billion processing month, most likely in October (which has five weekends). Brennan added, “I can’t imagine a showing of New York at this point that would make me shake my head. I mean, no number. And proponents of legal sports betting in state houses in California, Florida and Texas must grit their teeth when they see these numbers. Every state has a massive tax revenue tap, but these guys can’t run those fucking pipes, so nothing’s pouring out — yet.
  • While some people on Twitter wonder if the social media site will grant its users access to an editing feature, Play on is more interested in a new survey conducted by Twitter which confirmed the massive overlap between sports betting and Twitter. So do you have to be on Twitter to be a sports bettor? “It all depends on how serious you are about sports betting,” Raskin said. “If you’re very laid back and don’t really care if you finish ahead or behind, you just like to have bets while you watch the games, then maybe you don’t need to be But I don’t see how you can be serious about sports betting – and especially DFS, where breaking news just before the roster lock on Twitter is critical – I don’t see how you can be serious and not have a Twitter account.
  • The “Fast Five” returned this week for its fifth season, with the two hosts picking out their five favorite NFL games to bet against the spread, at the SuperContest. As this article reports Friday morning, Brennan is already half a game ahead of Raskin in her pursuit of a fourth straight win.
  • With football season comes fantasy football season, and Raskin didn’t mince words on the cardinal rule of fantasy play: “Remember, fantasy players in all sports: you are the only person who cares. know who’s on your fantasy team. And even if someone asks who’s on your fantasy team, answer quickly, because they were probably just being polite. In fact, they don’t want to know.
  • Final Thoughts: Brennan concluded the podcast with a stunning admission: ‘My name is John and I’ve never played fantasy football.

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