The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is gearing up for another tumultuous tax season

The White House ended use of an online service that had been widely advertised as a mechanism for low-income households to receive the Democratic-branded child tax credit payments. Because it will cause too much trouble during tax season, the government has unfortunately decided that it cannot use the gateway to reclaim billions in child payments currently being distributed by the IRS. The widget was created to provide people who are not required to file annual tax returns because they earn too little money an easy way to register with the agency for the money without having to filing a full return, which can be daunting for those who don’t often deal with the tax system.

But the administration feared the wrong people — namely those required to file — would use the non-filers portal, creating chaos at the IRS when it is already struggling to process tens of millions. statements, including those left over from last year. Instead, the administration said it would reopen the portal after filing season ends on April 18, a senior official said. In the meantime, he encourages low-income people to file a traditional tax return, both so they don’t have to wait for their money and because they can also get other tax benefits besides the child credit. We remain deeply committed to ensuring low-income Americans can get their child tax credit,” said Gene Sperling, senior adviser to President Joe Biden.

“This is going to be confusing for people,” said David Newville, senior program manager at Code for America, which developed the administration-promoted non-filers portal. If they used the tool, they will want to use it again. Some won’t bother to file a full statement, he predicts.

The ruling has disappointed some advocates for low-income people, who fear it will mean some will face long waits for help or miss out on payments altogether.

“The full return presents many challenges for non-filers who find it difficult to navigate the process,” Newville said. “That’s a very high bar for some people.”

The administration’s decision is a setback for the Democrats’ campaign to use the child credit to raise living standards and comes as the IRS hands out billions in credit.

Although the Democrats’ breakout expansion expired at the end of 2021, there’s still money being doled out — at most, people only got half of the payouts in monthly checks last month. last year. They can collect the rest this year when they do their taxes.

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  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is gearing up for another tumultuous tax season
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