The Department of Revenue encourages customers to use DMV Now kiosks located throughout the state

Last year, the Department of Revenue doubled the number of locations for drivers to access DMV Now kiosks across the state and is encouraging individuals to take advantage of the services provided. Five different transactions can be completed in minutes using one of twenty-one DMV Now kiosks located throughout the state.

Transaction types include:

  1. renew your vehicle registration,
  2. Update your contact information,
  3. Report the sale of a vehicle.
  4. Print a Vendor Permit, and
  5. Renew your driver’s license or identity card

A vehicle owner can navigate the easy touchscreen (voice assistance available) with a valid South Dakota driver’s license, South Dakota ID card, or, if a business, the information provided on its renewal notice. Once payment has been submitted using a credit or debit card and the transaction is complete, license renewal tags and vehicle registration are dispensed directly from the machine. For more information on using a DMV Now kiosk, please visit:

Residents of South Dakota can transact at any kiosk. The kiosk does not need to be in the same county where they live. To find your nearest DMV Now self-serve license renewal kiosk and for more information, please visit