Tax reforms

The Union Territory Administration is to be commended for transformational reforms across the board, but those of the Revenue Department were much needed at a time when the land mafia was engaged in state land grabbing while rightful owners were deprived of their rightful lands. The timely implementation of the Public Service Guarantee Act, complemented by the digitization of land records, are massive initiatives that could go a long way in changing the working culture of the Ministry of Finance and bringing transparency in the delivery public services. The rolling of land books by the Srinagar district administration to legal owners of land is a hallmark of transparency and good governance. This measure was taken in the short term and the focus is on the rightful owner and for the general public, it was written in Urdu, English and Hindi, thus helping citizens to access their record. Relevantly, the land book provides all the income related information to the owners in a very simple form and would act as a valid document to present before financial and other institutions. Implementing this process is an important step that would improve service delivery, enhance transparency and accountability in the revenue recording system. Under the Digital India Land Records Modernization Program (DILRMP), the Revenue Department has digitized voluminous revenue records and placed them in the public domain as “Apni Zameen Apni Nigrani” for scrutiny . The Land Pass Book prescribed by the Revenue Department is faithful to the revenue register and can be generated online without any problems and is a valid entity carrying the same probative value as if they were certified copies of the Record-of- Rights for All Purposes Before Courts and Financial Institutions. The land books issued to every land owner contain an entry of Jamabandi in the field of taxation, so as to enable the land owner to make use of it for credit facilities and for other related matters. It is going to be a tool for redressing various grievances, disputes, disputes in various forums and for reference and is an identity card for ownership. The booklet is scalable in the sense that it is in tune with e-governance, and for the convenience of citizens issued in a trilingual form which will make it an easy and simple document of reference and registration. Gone are the days of tax officials falsifying records for ulterior motives, as these actions were taken to fill loopholes in the tax department.