NCC will use revenue assurance solution to block leaks

By Dipo Olowookere

An opportunity has arisen for Nigerian financial journalists to win millions of naira in the OnePipe Writing Challenge, which started on Friday, February 25, 2022.

A statement released by the largest fintech API company has revealed that entries for the eight-week competition will close on April 14, 2022, with the three first-place winners each getting N1 million.

Winning entries must have met key guidelines such as sharing information, defining ideas, analyzing trends, and defining concepts.

It was stated that the writing challenge will be judged by a panel of financial inclusion policy and digital currency experts like Professor Olayinka David-West, Associate Dean, Lagos Business School; Mr. Muyiwa Mutuloko, Editor-in-Chief, TechPoint Africa; and Mr. Caleb Ojewale, Associate Editor, BusinessDay.

All articles submitted must be 400-500 words in length and must have been published in recognized news media, while television or radio submissions must be at least 20 minutes long and must have been broadcast on n’ any publicly accessible site such as YouTube or SoundCloud.

The organizers have emphasized that entries submitted without the required links or references will be disqualified and that entries will be judged on material organization, vocabulary, style, grammar, punctuation, spelling, cleanliness, reach and adherence to all other guidelines.

In the statement, it was revealed that the OnePipe Writing Challenge is open to all forms of media, while submissions are welcome from reporters/journalists (individuals, full-time, part-time, or freelancers) who are currently employed in any widely circulated magazine or newspaper published in Nigeria, whether daily or non-daily, broadcast or tabloid, news wire, internet publication, conventional or alternative, as well as trade unions and cooperatives which provide newspaper content. Nominations can be made by editors, publishers, educators, journalist groups and others.

Commenting on the initiative, OnePipe’s Chief Operating Officer, Yvonne-Faith Elaigwu, said the company’s goal with the writing challenge is to promote financial literacy and improve the financial experiences of Nigerians.

“We hope the articles, stories and news produced by the press and media throughout this challenge will help everyone understand integrated finance and appreciate what the technology can accomplish,” Elaigwu said.

For his part, OnePipe Founder and CEO, Mr. Ope Adeoye, said, “The world needs a new kind of financial services ecosystem, one where everyone has a role to play and everyone has value to play. to input. That’s what we stand for at OnePipe; we help businesses across all industries enjoy profitable participation in the fintech ecosystem.

“Using our technology, we transform complex infrastructure into simple code so companies can focus on building market-defining products, providing their customers with credit, loan payment plans, and seamless payment for services. .”

Business post reports that the OnePipe Writing Challenge aims to recognize finance-focused journalism and reward news reporting, as it is part of the company’s efforts to promote and inspire more educational reporting and writing, with particular emphasis on focus on improving awareness and understanding of integrated finance.

The company intends to foster a better understanding of the importance of integrated finance in improving customer experience and satisfaction; while emphasizing the value of good coverage and storytelling as a cornerstone to improving public awareness of fintech.

According to research, integrated finance will generate $230 billion in revenue by 2025 across a variety of financial services. As the use of this technology grows and becomes more integrated into non-financial platforms, it is essential to generate increased public awareness and understanding.