Intellaegis Celebrates 15th Anniversary with 60% SaaS Revenue Growth in 2021

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Industry-leading fintech platform positions itself for future growth opportunities

Intellaegis increased its annual EBITDA by more than 1,000% as a direct result of the 60% annual growth in its annual recurring revenue (ARR). ”

—Lance Suder

EL DORADO HILLS, California, USA, March 17, 2022 / — Intellaegis, Inc., the industry standard Debt recoverycontact management, Skip tracing and Recovery Management SaaS, celebrates its fifteenth anniversary in 2022. While many debt collection-related businesses struggled in 2021, Intellaegis increased its annual EBITDA by more than 1000% as a direct result of the 60% annual growth of its annual recurring revenue (ARR).

Over the past four years, the company’s turnover has increased by 270%. A key factor in Intellaegis’ success has been the addition of several key team members, led by its recently appointed Chief Operating Officer, Lance Suder. “Over the past three years, we have made key investments in our security and infrastructure, as well as in our global team,” Suder says, “This allows us to seize additional growth opportunities as lenders face increased regulatory pressure, to growing losses and the need to improve efficiency.As a SaaS case management system used to identify and mitigate risk using data with workflow automation, we believe that we have positioned ourselves well in the fintech space, as well as in other industries where data and automation are becoming requirements to do more work with fewer people.

In 2021, Intellaegis’ cybersecurity was upgraded to meet ISO 27002 standards on a project Intellaegis worked on hand-in-hand with one of the nation’s largest lenders. This positioned masterQueue for deployment as a third-party network attribution record system. This allows repossession disposal fees and security costs to shift from being 100% placed on third-party vendors to being placed on lenders. Lenders provide the masterQueue platform to their suppliers, at the lenders expense, to allow suppliers to work their assignments in the same system in which the lender works. This reduces costs for providers, while increasing security and efficiency for provider and lender. It also reduces overall lender risk and management cost burden on vendors.

Intellaegis’ security enhancements complement regulatory compliance features co-architected by fellow client masterQueue and another of the nation’s largest lenders, resulting in Intellaegis being a finalist in for the best RegTech and the best partnership with a financial company. These changes relate specifically to the “Regulation F” Seven Contact Attempts amends the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act rule that was put in place in November 2021.

In addition, the masterQueue solution meets new FTC security laws that went into effect in January 2022 regarding strict new requirements for lender security oversight over third-party vendor systems containing personally identifiable information (PII) of the consumer lender and all related PII parties, as noted in this January 2022 Auto Finance News article:

Equally important, masterQueue helps lenders and their third-party providers meet stringent new data privacy requirements.

masterQueue is unique because it is used internally by lenders and externally by third-party providers, and in different lending verticals, including auto finance, credit cards and mortgages, and in niche markets, from from repossession to bankruptcy to legal recovery.

About Intelaegis
Intellaegis provides lenders and their third-party vendors with a SaaS solution that creates unparalleled efficiency, security, and regulatory compliance in a single system used to reduce costs and losses in debt collection. Building on decades of experience in building several successful businesses in the auto finance industry, Intellaegis is revolutionizing the way businesses manage loan risk.

Their first-to-market masterQueue platform provides unparalleled transparency and efficiency to help lenders meet stringent performance, security and regulatory requirements in the third-party monitoring process. masterQueue enables lenders to improve margins, reduce costs, and maintain strict compliance and security requirements while protecting their brand and the integrity of their customer relationships. For more information, please visit

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