Credai Achieves Minimum Turnover and Seeks Ease of Doing Business | Goa News

Panaji: A Credai delegation met with Revenue Minister Atanasio ‘Babush’ Monserrate on Wednesday to discuss concerns over Goa’s housing sector and push for simplification of ministerial processes. Monserrate heard them and said it would ensure that cases relating to housing projects are processed in fast-track mode.
Credai Goa chairman Nilesh Salkar said the meeting was called for the purpose of “talking about issues and concerns” of builders in Goa. An industry representative said that during the meeting, Credai discussed ways to simplify the revenue department’s existing standards and processes, which would help improve the ease of doing business for local developers.
“We are positive and confident that the government is following up on our suggestions for procedural reform and will give due consideration to the genuine concerns we have raised, which will translate into the ease of doing business,” Salkar said.
Credai strongly urged the state government to immediately implement the Goa (Citizens Right to Timely Delivery of Public Services) Act including the penal provisions as this would streamline processes and improve service delivery .
Builders and developers have become concerned after a recent directive from Monserrate stating that ministerial approval is required before collectors issue sanads for plots over 1,000m². The department also ordered the two district collectors to suspend all sanad approvals for such plots.
Real estate developers in Goa felt that such a move would delay real estate and commercial projects and in turn lead to increased costs.
The housing industry contributes substantially to the state’s economy and, according to industry estimates, accounts for nearly 11% of bank credit while supporting the cement and steel sector. “Our continued existence is therefore not only desirable, rather it is crucial to Goa’s economy,” an industry player said.


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