Canada Revenue Agency plans email blitz to get Canadians to cash outstanding checks worth $1.4 billion

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is planning a massive email notification campaign to reach Canadians across the country who have uncashed checks worth $1.4 billion.

Email notifications will target recipients of the Canada Child Benefit and related provincial and territorial programs, as well as recipients of GST/HST credits and Alberta Energy Tax Rebate.

The CRA said it plans to send around 25,000 emails in August, another 25,000 in November and another 25,000 by May 2023.

However, even without receiving an email notification, the agency said a taxpayer can check if they have a check by logging into My Account, a secure portal on its website to check if they have a check. uncashed check over a period of six months. He added that reps can also see their customers’ uncashed checks.

Each year, the CRA said it issues millions of payments to Canadian taxpayers in the form of reimbursement benefits. These payments are issued either by direct deposit or by cheque.

“Over time, payments can go uncollected for a variety of reasons, such as the taxpayer misplacing the check or even a change of address that did not allow delivery,” the agency said in a statement.

The CRA said that since the launch of the email notification initiative in February 2020, approximately two million uncashed checks worth $802 million had been cashed as of May 31, 2022.

The average amount per uncashed check is $158, with some dating back to 1998, the agency said.

In May 2022, there were approximately 8.9 million uncashed checks with the CRA. In May 2019, about five million Canadians had about 7.6 million uncashed checks.

“Because government checks never expire or are not stale, the CRA cannot void the original check and issue a new one unless the taxpayer requests it,” the statement said. “These upcoming electronic notifications are intended to encourage taxpayers to cash all checks in their possession.”

The agency said taxpayers can sign up for the direct deposit option on its website to receive payments directly to their bank accounts.

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