Australia Post boosts revenue to $4.80 billion on largest parcel volumes in history

Australia Post recorded $4.80 billion in revenue, created through the largest parcel volumes in the service’s 213-year history.

The Postal Service today announced a 10.4% increase in group revenue along with a 13.6% increase in parcel and service revenue to $3.87 billion.

In a sign of the changing mail landscape, letter revenue contributed just $935 million to the group’s overall revenue.

Record parcel volumes have generated huge revenue for Australia Post. (Australia Post)

Australia Post said COVID-19 restrictions locked down around 15 million people, resulting in the largest parcel volumes in the organization’s history.

“Despite the network challenges associated with thousands of team members having to self-isolate during this critical time, our employees have continued to deliver in communities across the country,” Australia Post said in a statement.

Group CEO Paul Graham said one of the biggest challenges was serving Australians who have been forced into self-isolation while managing a workforce that was living under the same self-isolation rules.

Inside the Australia Post distribution center in Victoria. (Today)

“Like many companies across the country, we have faced unprecedented challenges over the past year, but the ability of our employees to adapt to the current challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic has been nothing short of remarkable,” Mr. Graham said.

“Together, we have worked tirelessly to manage the health and well-being of our people, with isolation rules and travel restrictions in different states and territories, all bringing different challenges – while our people have remained resilient and delivered for our communities.

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“I would like to thank all of our employees for the spirit they have shown and their willingness to do the job for our customers. It is an honor for all of our team members in the processing, delivery, service to customers, our post offices (including approved post offices) as well as our subcontracting partners.