NEW YORK, February 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aloe Health Care (“Aloe Care”), known for developing the world’s most advanced senior care platform, saw a recurring revenue increase of 3,624% over 2020. The company attributes its record year to scaling up of consumer demand for technological advances that allow seniors to remain independent, safe and more connected to the people who care. Additionally, the strong performance of Aloe Care’s various revenue streams – insurance partners, white label partnerships and private homecare partnerships – were cited as key contributors.

“People are becoming more educated about what they can and should expect from modern medical alert services,” said the co-founder and CEO. Ray Spoljaric. “They are showing increased interest in Aloe Care’s comprehensive and technologically advanced approach to safely keeping caregivers independent and connected. In addition to growing all of our varied revenue streams, we have begun working with select insurance plans in 2021. And, as insurance providers have increasingly recognized the value of Aloe Care’s role in driving better health outcomes, many more are in the queue to launch in 2023.”

About 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day in a country that already has more than 55 million elderly people, and 80% would prefer to age in place. Aloe Care empowers seniors to retain a sense of independence and instills peace of mind for everyone in the circle of care. Its unique, voice-activated access to emergency response centers; High quality hands-free family recording; motion, environment and temperature sensors; and a robust caregiver app and dashboard resonated particularly well with consumers.

ABOUT ALOE CARE: Aloe Care’s award-winning service offers the world’s most advanced medical alert and home communication system for seniors and caregivers. The service helps improve safety for older adults and makes connecting and collaborating in care intuitive and easy. Aloe Care includes a patented Smart Hub for live two-way hands-free communication and smart sensors to detect falls, movement, air quality and temperature. People using the service have 24/7 access to support, including a professional emergency response team and a family app for optimal care collaboration. Situated at New York, Aloe Care was created by caregivers for caregivers. Over 70% of the team actively supports parents and grandparents who are aging in place.

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