SWR creates record in Parcel Revenue


South Western Railway (SWR) officers and staff are exerting their best efforts to achieve high performance in freight and parcel transport, a note released by Aneesh Hegde

said SWR’s director of public relations.

In the cargo business, SWR has achieved an initial loading of 38.86 million tonnes (MT) in the current year to date, which is higher than the full year last. 18and In February 2022, it surpassed the FY 2020-21 loading by recording an original loading of 38.19 million tonnes and an original freight gain for the period is Rs.3401.74 crore from Rs. 2603.89 crores in the corresponding period of the previous financial year, an increase of 30.64%.

Emerging as the carrier of choice for automakers, SWR has transported 196 two- and four-wheel units to date, the highest on record. In the previous financial year, he was able to reach a figure of 193 rakes. It should be noted that Toyota has chosen to switch from road to rail for transporting its vehicles, as rail provides reliable, damage-free transportation with a lower carbon footprint compared to road. TVS, KIA, Maruti Suzuki, Tata are some important customers who regularly transport vehicles by rail.

SWR has reached new frontiers in sugar loading by transporting 355 rakes to date, which is the highest number of rakes ever loaded by SWR. Sugar, mainly from the Belagavi-Rayabag-Chikkodi region, is transported to West Bengal, Assam and Bangladesh.

Harnessing cement demand through the active marketing efforts of business development units, SWR has been able to load 265 rakes to date, compared to 217 rakes for the same period last fiscal year. This should show a new upward trend as construction activity increases. It is to the credit of SWR officials that cement, which is largely transported by road, is now increasingly transported by rail due to safe handling, fast and reliable transportation.

On the parcels front, SWR created a new record by registering revenue of Rs. 105 crore which is the highest since the formation of the zone. Two Scheduled Freight Parcel Express Train Contracts have been awarded between Yeshwantpur in ICOD, Delhi and Vasco da Gama in Azara, Assam by Bengaluru and Hubli Divisions respectively. 232 trips of Time Tabled Parcel Trains, Indented Specials, GS Specials and Kisan Specials have been completed so far in the current fiscal year, transporting 1.67 lakh tons of fruit vegetables, iced fish, tires, Nestlé products and other perishables. The Bengaluru division operated 33 special Kisan trains to Delhi and other cities in northern India. Through this initiative, farmers get a 50% subsidy for freight and access to larger markets.

Chief Operations Manager Hari Shankar Verma said active outreach efforts to traders, farmers and manufacturers have been made to retain existing customers and attract new freight and parcel customers. He emphasized that agents work with a customer-focused and solution-focused approach to understanding their concerns and addressing them appropriately. This positive step led to an increase in the loading of automobiles, parcels and cement, he said.

Managing Director Sanjeev Kishore commended the efforts of management and staff and also expressed his gratitude to freight and parcel customers for maintaining their trust in the railways. He said SWR is working dedicatedly around the clock to serve its customers and ensure critical products reach end users on time.