Nabha Village Refuses to Donate 30% of Revenue to State Department of Panchayat | Chandigarh News

Patiala: Thuha Patti’s gram sahba in this neighborhood Nabha the division passed a resolution on Saturday to maintain the panchayat part of the revenue of the department on the grounds that this money must remain in the village for its development.
Panchayat secretary Amrik Singh said he advised the gram sabha against passing the resolution, but villagers disagreed with him. He said: “Income from the panchayats is collected according to law. Gurmeet Villager Singh Thuhiwho put forward the proposal, said, “The village has a very low income from common land and other sources, and even from that the government takes 30 percent.”
He said: “All the villagers are members of the Gram Sabha and the Panchayati law gives them the right to pass any resolution with 20% of the vote. Several villages, including ours, have not received any government subsidies for almost a decade, even though successive ruling parties have falsely claimed to have supported development. Sarpanch Yadvinder Singh said, “Our income should only go towards the development of our village.
Narinder, Retired Assistant Professor of Panchayant State Institute and Rural Development Singh Sandhu said, “The state government has been operating the village panchayats for many years. No law has ever been passed in the state assembly to withdraw 30% of the income from the village, but it is done by order of the rural department and panchayat of Punjab. The panchayats were freer under the British. This collection of income has increased from 10 to 30% in a few years and it goes to the panchayat samitis and zila parishads for the remuneration of their own staff.
Panchayat department director GS Khaira said, “The collection is legal.